There are plenty of do’s and don’ts when it comes to planning a wedding, from etiquette to your choice of music. While you will want your big day to be unique to you and your partner, you will also want to ensure that you don’t make any mistakes as you plan yours.

How to Choose Songs to Present During Your Wedding

Due to the fact that your music will play a prominent role in your festivities, it’s crucial that you know what music will contribute to your big day, and which music will take away from it.

Here at Bill Pence Music, we believe that your music should present flawless entertainment for your big day! That’s why we have put together some music that shouldn’t be played at yours. If you want to know how to avoid a musical disaster, be sure to continue reading:

  • Stalking Lyrics. There are many songs that seem romantic, but once you listen to the lyrics, they paint a completely different picture. Songs such as Every Breath You Take by the Police. They can send the wrong message on your special day.
  • Offensive Meanings. While looking for celebratory songs to present at your wedding, you may lean towards the newest and hottest songs. However, some of these lyrics can be offensive to you and your guests. Check those lyrics before debuting them at your celebration.
  • Undanceable Genres. There are many genres that music presents. However, not all are great to dance to. Hardcore rap and heavy metal present sounds that aren’t easy to groove to out on the dance floor, so they certainly wouldn’t be ideal to play.

Avoid These Music Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding

Every event should play great music! This music may be great for another time but should not be featured on your special day. Here at Bill Pence Music, as a wedding DJ in Folsom, California, we are happy to help you showcase incredible music for your big day. Contact us today to begin planning with your Folsom wedding DJ.


Photo Source: – J.K. Califf