Your wedding music will be what entertains your big day! Therefore, you will certainly want to plan it to perfection. However, why just play music when you can add so much more fun to your celebration by amping it up?

Tips for Selecting the Wedding Music for Your Special Events

Are you aware of some of the new music ideas that have come about in the wedding world?

We believe that your big day should be creative! That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we have gathered some new music ideas that you can incorporate into your own wedding day. Would you like to discover what these ideas are? If so, read on to gain some great insight:


  • Double the Sound. Live Musician or DJ? How about both! You can add some diversity to your big day by presenting two different sounds. You can showcase more modern tunes with a DJ, and really add some energy to the dance floor with a live musician. Your guests will certainly enjoy the presentation of both.
  • Special Songs. What better way to add some personalization to your big day then by complementing your events with music? Choose songs to play for certain moments within your wedding, such as your cake cutting ceremony and your bouquet and garter tosses. This is certainly a creative way to add some fun to your special events.
  • A Grand Finale. While you will begin your wedding reception with a first dance, you can end it with a final dance. This will let your wedding guests know that it’s time for your big day to conclude. You can create a grand finale appeal with spotlights, and even a fog machine, as you take part in your dance and make your exit as newlyweds.

Music is a wonderful way to amp up your celebration! These are just a few ideas that you could choose to showcase on your own wedding day.

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Photo Source: – Miguel Patiño