You will have guests of all ages attending your big day, to honor the commitment that you are making to your partner! Therefore, you will certainly want to ensure that everyone is thoroughly entertained during your wedding reception.

How to Master the Dance Floor on Your Wedding Day

Have you planned the entertainment for your wedding yet?

Everyone should have fun on your big day! That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we have gathered some ideas for keeping guests entertained at your own wedding. If you would like to discover some great ideas, be sure to continue reading:

  • A Festive Photo Booth. Interactive entertainment presents a great deal of fun! If you have a photo booth at your wedding, you can let your guests evoke their fun side with festive props, allowing them to create goofy and memorable photos. In addition, the reel of images presented will pose as the perfect wedding favor.
  • Energizing Snacks. After dancing the night away, your guests will need to refuel! By presenting late-night snacks, you can let your guests get re-energized for the dance floor. Consider foods such as mini sliders, fries, or even a taco bar. Your guests will certainly enjoy the tasty snacks.
  • Celebratory Music. Dancing is the main form of entertainment at a wedding! However, without the right music and festive DJ acting as your MC, your dance floor could be lackluster. Discover the perfect DJ to present your music, so that your sound is of quality and your dance floor remains amped up.

Ways to Personalize the Music for Your Wedding Day

Entertaining your wedding guests is of importance! These are just a few ways in which you can. To book your wedding DJ in Folsom, California, please contact us here at Bill Pence Music. We would be honored to present your wedding entertainment as your Sacramento wedding DJ.


Photo Source: – Joe Crawford