Could you imagine the many important moments that will occur on your wedding day? From making your grand entrance to cutting the cake, your big day will be filled with special moments that could be made better with the right music. Each and every song played on your big day will contribute to your memories.

Avoid These Music Mistakes When Planning Your Wedding

It’s important to really give your music thought. After all, the songs you present will create the atmosphere for each event.

We believe that music will create the best celebratory setting for your nuptials and will forever enhance your most treasured memories! That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we have put together a few tips on how to choose songs for your own special day. Keep reading to discover how you can feature the best soundtrack:

  • The Lyrics Say It All. When you choose your songs, you will want to be totally aware of the lyrics. Every song will communicate your love story, your feelings on love, and can even reflect your bond with your partner. Be sure to check the lyrics of your songs before you play them on your big day. The tune may be catchy and sound romantic, but the lyrics could be telling a different story.
  • A Personal Meaning. Lyrics come into play with your songs in many different aspects. For example, if you were to find a song that clearly resembled your own love story, it would make a lovely addition to your day. Or, if there was a song that was playing during a significant moment for you and your partner, it could be a great choice for your soundtrack.
  • Songs for Your Festivities. You will be featuring different events within your special day, from the first dance to your bouquet toss. Choosing a song that fits your specific festivities will help create the perfect mood for celebrating.

Tips to Assist You with Choosing the Best Wedding DJ

Every wedding should showcase great music! These tips are sure to help you play the most wonderful songs for your big day. Here at Bill Pence Music, as a wedding DJ in Folsom, California, we can assist you in hosting an unforgettable wedding celebration with our top-notch wedding entertainment. Contact us today to book your Folsom wedding DJ.


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