Many couples are facing financial issues when planning their dream wedding. The cost of venues, linens, entertainment, and more are all crushing down on them. They are desperately trying to stick to a budget while also planning a wedding day that they can be proud of.

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Do you relate? If so, you will certainly want to save as much money as possible when planning your big day!

We want couples to have a wedding day that they will cherish! That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, as a wedding DJ in Sacramento, we have put together a few tips on how to save money when planning your own wedding day. To discover what these tips are, be sure to continue reading:

  • Your Guest List. Smaller weddings tend to be cheaper, as each guest on your list comes with their own cost. Everything from your wedding cuisine to your favors are an added cost for each guest. A smaller guest list means less money you have to spend. So, don’t feel as though you must invite every single person you know, as you can create a more intimate big day with those closest to you, allowing you to save some money within your budget.
  • Your Wedding Date. Often, weddings are hosted on weekends. However, if you would like to save some money when it comes to your big day, consider hosting your nuptials on a weekday. Weekdays are off-days for vendors, so services are usually cheaper. Therefore, you can most likely discover some great deals.
  • Your Wedding Gown. Many brides hesitate to spend thousands of dollars on a dress that will only be worn once, and for good reason too There are much more affordable options for your wedding dress. Consider renting a gown, or finding a consignment shop. After all, why spend thousands of dollars on a dress that will just collect dust in your closet?

These tips can help you create a magical wedding on the budget that you and your partner have set. After all, you deserve to begin your happily ever after free of debt.

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If you are now planning your own wedding and in search of a wedding DJ in Folsom, Californian, please contact us here at Bill Pence Music. We are honored to provide celebratory entertainment for weddings, and would be pleased to do so for yours too.


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