Modern songs are a quality choice for your wedding ceremony. But, if you feel that these options are just overplayed, or you want a breath of fresh air, you can take it back to the classics. These songs have made it to the top for a reason and are always a refreshing choice for wedding ceremonies.

Secrets to Creating an Entertaining Wedding Reception

Finding the right classic songs are just as important as creating a flawless soundtrack for your big day. But, are you aware of some of the top song options available to you?

Here at Bill Pence Music, we adore seeing how happy a couple can be when they feature music that means something to them! That’s why we have put together some classic songs that you can choose for your wedding ceremony. Be sure to continue reading to learn more about the classic songs that can benefit your big day:

  • Your Grand Entrance. Walking down the aisle is a bride’s big moment! Such a meaningful moment deserves to be spectacular! After all, it will be when she is making her grand debut. For a classic fairytale entrance, consider presenting a song such as Rondeau by Mouret or Canon in D by Pachelbel.
  • Your Bridal Party’s Entrance. But, before you make your way down the aisle, your bridal party will make their entrance. From your Maid of Honor to your ring bearer, each member will need a lovely song for their entrance too, consider March by Handel or Trumpet Voluntary by Clarke.
  • Newlywed Exit. After reciting your vows and hearing your officiant pronounce you as husband and wife, you will then be ready to make your newlywed exit! Consider playing Ode to Joy by Beethoven or Hornpipe by Handel for yours.

Music Rules That You Should Consider for Your Wedding

These songs can make a lovely addition to your wedding ceremony or can inspire your own search for classic songs! Here at Bill Pence Music, as a wedding DJ in Folsom, California, we have incredible entertainment services that are sure to enhance your wedding celebration. Contact us today to book Sacramento wedding DJ.


Photo Credit: Christina Wehbe Studios