Your wedding DJ is a big part of your big day! They will be the provider of entertainment, ensuring that all of your guests enjoy dancing the night away. However, in order for your event to be successful, you must first hire the best wedding DJ.

Wedding Reception Music Basics to Keep in Mind for Your Big Day

Have you started your search for yours yet?

Here at Bill Pence Music, we love providing entertainment for weddings! That’s why we have gathered some tips for you to keep in mind when hiring your own wedding DJ. Would you like to discover some great advice? If so, be sure to continue reading:

  • What Equipment Does Your DJ Use? There are many devices that music can be played on. However, without quality equipment, your sound will be lackluster. You will want to see what type of equipment your DJ is working with, to ensure that your music is beautifully presented.
  • What Happens If an Emergency Occurs? Unfortunately, life can sometimes throw curve balls our way. What happens if your DJ gets sick? Or, equipment breaks down during your event? You will want to discuss back up plans with your DJ, to know what should happen in case of an emergency, to ensure that they are professionally prepared.
  • Is Your DJ Open to Options? Everyone has their own taste in music, from you and your partner to your guests. It is important that your DJ is open to presenting a wide variety of songs, from different eras and genres, to ensure that everyone hears music that they like. In addition, will your DJ accept song requests? These are all aspects that you will want to discuss.

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With the right wedding DJ, your big day is sure to be a success! These are just a few things that you will want to keep in mind when hiring yours. To book your wedding DJ in Sacramento, California, please contact us here at Bill Pence Music. We look forward to being your Folsom wedding DJ.


Photo Credit: Christina Wehbe Studios