You will be making many decisions as you plan your wedding, especially when it comes to your wedding music. From the food that comprises your menu to the flowers that adorn your tables. However, with every aspect of planning comes the potential for mistakes to be made. And certainly, for such an important day, you won’t want any hiccups!

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Are you aware that there are actually some mistakes that you should avoid making when planning your wedding music?

Here at Bill Pence Music, we understand what it takes to create wonderful entertainment within weddings! That’s why we have gathered some mistakes that you will want to avoid making when planning your own wedding music. Would you like to learn what these mistakes are? If so, continue reading to find out:

  • Not being mindful of your music. There are so many songs to choose from to create your wedding playlist. However, not all would be appropriate for your guests. From children to grandparents, you can expect a wide variety of ages to be present for your big day. So, songs with foul language, negativity, or thrashing sounds, such as heavy metal, would most likely not be appreciated. Be mindful of the music that you choose.
  • Not keeping timing in mind. Many events will take place within your wedding, such as your wedding entrance, first dance, and bouquet toss. You may have chosen to have these events accompanied by a song, which is wonderful! However, presenting the song for too little or too long wouldn’t be ideal. Be sure to choose timing that is just right for the moment. For example, your first dance should be around two to three minutes long.
  • Allowing your setting to go silent. A silent space will certainly put a damper on your big day. It is important to keep the music flowing, and always have sound present. Dancing music doesn’t always have to be showcased, as you can still have subtle music playing as toasts and speeches are given, or as your guests enjoy their meal. Either way, music will keep the atmosphere upbeat and inviting.

How to Keep Your Wedding Guests on The Dance Floor

With the right planning, your wedding music is sure to do wonders for your big day! These are just a few tips to assist you in creating yours. If you are all set to hire your wedding DJ in Folsom, California, please contact us here at Bill Pence Music. We look forward to providing you with wonderful Folsom wedding music.


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