Now that you and your partner are planning your wedding, you have likely run into many different “rules” that couples feel that they should follow. Remember, these are guidelines that are meant to help your wedding day reach its fullest potentials.

Song Inspiration for Your Wedding Reception Money Dance

The entertainment at your wedding will allow the celebration to thrive, so why not take every bit of advice possible?

We greatly enjoy seeing couples and their guests experience a great deal of fun at their wedding! That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we wanted to share some music “rules” to help guide you through planning your wedding music. To gather some great insight, be sure to continue reading:

  • Dance the Night Away. When we are happy or want to celebrate, we dance! As humans, dance is a huge part of our culture and rich in history. It’s only natural that we dance on such a special day. In order to encourage your guests to get out on the dance floor, you should be out on it yourself! As the bride and groom, dance the night away, and your guests will certainly want to join you and do the same.
  • Music for All Ages. Are you a fan of today’s most popular music? If so, that is great! But, there is something that you should keep in mind. Just because you enjoy this style of music, doesn’t mean that all of your guests will. If you want them to enjoy their time too, consider playing music that will appeal to all ages. From Johnny Cash and Elvis for your grandparents to some eighties tunes for your own parents, you will want to showcase a great variety of genres.
  • Awkward Isn’t Ideal. When you are with your closest loved ones, or dancing with your partner, do you really want to hear a song that makes the situation awkward? Imagine listening to a song that features harsh language or offensive lyrics while talking with your grandmother…most likely won’t appreciate it. Be mindful of the songs that you choose to present at your wedding, to ensure that they aren’t awkward to dance to.

Things You Should Consider When Hiring Your Wedding DJ

Presenting flawless wedding music will ensure that your celebration is unforgettable! These are just a few tips to assist you with planning yours. Here at Bill Pence Music, as a Sacramento wedding DJ, we can help you feature impeccable wedding entertainment. Please feel free to contact us today to book your wedding DJ in Folsom, California.


Photo Source: – Anna Pruzhevskaya