Your wedding guests are a big part of of your big day. You and your partner have both walked down the aisle, recited your vows, participated in the traditions that you hold dear, been announced as newlyweds, and your wedding guests have been there for it all. How exciting! Now it’s time to celebrate. With great food, toasts, dancing, and the perfect music, your celebration will be a blast. Surely, you can’t wait to bring your best friends, cousins, and all your loved ones to the dance floor to join in on the celebration.

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However, imagine you and your sweetheart are taking a break from the festivities, allowing yourselves a second to breathe. Suddenly, you look up, and no one is on the dance floor. This can be an instant mood killer, and may even hinder the festive spirit.

Here at Bill Pence Music, we know how important it is to keep your wedding amped up. That’s why we have put together a few tips on how to keep your own wedding guests on the dance floor. If you want to keep your wedding spirit alive, and thriving, be sure to keep reading to learn how you can:

  • Let your guests in on the fun. Allowing your guests to interact with the music is a great way to capture their attention, and keep it. Musical tastes differ from person to person. So, allowing your guests to request songs that they enjoy, or help choose the music, can draw them to the dance floor. You can even begin the hype before your wedding day by creating a poll on your RSVP cards for songs that they would like incorporated into your playlist.
  • Provide a variety of genres. Your wedding day may be a romantic event, but that doesn’t mean that every song must be a love song. It’s a celebration, so why not put on your favorite upbeat songs from many genres? Country, rap, rock, jazz; your guests will certainly enjoy a variety of music, and it will keep everyone on the dance floor.
  • Lead by example. There are many people that don’t enjoy dancing, and would rather sit back and watch. However, if your guests see more people on the dance floor, they will be more prone to join in as well. You can lead by example, and dance the night away. There will be many guests that will enjoy dancing with the new bride and groom, and the more people you draw to the dance floor, the more guests will join you. After all, you and your partner will be the best form of encouragement to get your guests up and dancing.
  • Keep the excitement alive. Who doesn’t want to be a part of something exciting? You surprise your guests with a performance. From you and your partner putting on a show, maybe even with your wedding party, to hiring dancers, you have the ability to liven up the party. Your guests will be instantly drawn to the dance floor, and the mood will get their hips moving and their toes tapping.

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Dancing is a big part of your wedding celebration. These tips will help you keep your guests on the dance floor for a completely festive reception. Here at Bill Pence Music, as a Folsom wedding DJ, we can assist you with your goal to keep your wedding guests on the dance floor. Feel free to contact us today if you want the best entertainment for your Folsom, California wedding.