Your wedding reception will be quite the celebration! Delicious food, favors, gorgeous decorations; your guests will certainly enjoy being present for your big day. However, they will also want to have fun, and dancing is the best way to ensure that they do.

Music Inspiration for Your Jewish Wedding Ceremony

Seeing as dancing will be the main form of entertainment at your wedding, you will certainly want to get your guests out on the dance floor! And, you can do so by presenting group dances.

Here at Bill Pence Music, we believe that your wedding should showcase nothing but enjoyment! That’s why we have gathered some of the top group dances that you could present at your wedding reception. To discover what these group dances are, be sure to continue reading:

  • YMCA by the Village People. Yes, the YMCA by the Village People may seem cheesy to some, but who could resist tossing their hands in the air to this festive song? Appropriate for all ages, you can ensure that little ones and grandparents will hit the dance floor when this song is played.
  • Macarena by Los del Rio. You can turn back time by presenting the Macarena by Los del Rio on your wedding day. Fun hand movements make this dance a blast to take part in, for guests of all ages. In addition, it is easy to learn, making it a festive choice for your dance floor.
  • Cupid Shuffle. Shuffling back and forth on the dance floor can certainly be presented if you play the Cupid Shuffle at your wedding reception. This unique and upbeat song will have your guests thoroughly enjoying their time dancing.

Top “Do Not Play” Songs to Avoid Presenting on Your Wedding Day

With the right songs, your guests will greatly enjoy your big day! These are just a few of the many group dances that you could present at your own wedding. To book your wedding DJ in Folsom, California, please contact us here at Bill Pence Music. We would be honored to be your Sacramento wedding DJ.


Photo Credit: One Fine Day Photographers & Videographers