The wedding world is filled with stunning and impressive DIY nuptials. There is plenty of potential and a myriad of ways in which you and your partner can flaunt your creativity. However, there is one aspect of your wedding day that you should absolutely not DIY.

Instrumental Song Inspiration for Your Wedding Ceremony

Your wedding music plays a larger role in your nuptials than you may realize, and it’s crucial to present the perfect music for your big day.

We believe that your wedding entertainment can set the tone for your entire celebration. That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we have put together a few reasons as to why DIY wedding music is not a good idea. Keep reading to discover why a professional is always the best option for your wedding music:

  • You Won’t Miss Out on Customization. Hiring a professional doesn’t mean that you don’t get to customize your musical experience. In fact, your DJ will work with you to present melodies that complement your style and your wedding day. So, in addition to incorporating your own musical tastes into your playlist, they will also consider those of your guest’s as well.
  • Of All the Things That Could Go Wrong. Presenting your wedding music on your own means that if anything goes wrong, it’s completely on you. IS that what you really want to worry about on your big day? And, when you choose to DIY you will likely be met with many obstacles and difficulties. What happens if your equipment breaks? A professional knows how to handle such an important event, and will guarantee that everything goes flawlessly.
  • Lacking A Personal Touch. When you choose to go without a wedding DJ, you miss out on the personal touches and MC skills that would be presented. DIY nuptial music just won’t showcase the personal touches that create an unforgettable party.

Mother/Son Dance Song Inspiration for Your Wedding Reception

There are many things that you can DIY for your wedding, but your wedding entertainment should not be one of them. Here at Bill Pence Music, as a Folsom wedding DJ, we can assist you in creating the perfect musical atmosphere for your special day. Contact us today to book your wedding DJ in Folsom, California.


Photo Source: – Emily May