After you tie the knot, it’s time to celebrate out on the dance floor! You and your guests will make your way to the dance moves, as you shake your hips and let loose. The music will create the perfect ambiance for your celebration.

Entertainment Tips for A Successful Wedding Reception

However, getting your guests on the dance floor may be much easier than keeping them there.

We believe that it’s important to your wedding celebration that you keep your guests on the dance floor. That’s why, here at Bill Pence Music, we have put together a few tips for keeping them there. Be sure to keep reading to learn how you can throw the ultimate celebration:

  • Fuel for Your Dancing. When you plan to dance late into the night, you will certainly need a little pick me up, just as your guests will. Providing late night snacks will give your loved ones a proper boost to keep dancing. So, after your elegant meal and the after party begins, don’t be shy with the greasy food!
  • Popular Dance Songs. Even though you may consider it too “main stream”, it’s important that you play popular songs that people enjoy dancing to. If popular songs are playing, your guests are more likely to recognize then and join you on the dance floor. Take into consideration the musical interests of your guests.
  • A DJ You Can Trust. Your DJ will play a huge part in creating a festive atmosphere for your guests. If you want to ensure that your celebration is flawless, you must hire a DJ that you can completely trust. In addition, your DJ will amp up the dance floor by acting as an MC too, encouraging guests to get out on it and have a wonderful time.

Reasons Why DIY Wedding Music Is Not a Good Idea

These tips can help you to maintain a lively wedding celebration! Here at Bill Pence Music, as a wedding DJ in Folsom, California, we can help you create the perfect wedding entertainment for your celebration. Contact us today to begin planning your Folsom, California wedding music.


Photo Source: – Matthew Juzenas