Angelina & Ryan’s Wedding in Real Weddings Magazine

Angelina and Ryan’s wedding wasn’t the first time they walked down the aisle together. In fact, the first time they met was escorting one another down the aisle at Ryan’s sister’s wedding.

After a long courtship, Angelina admits she began to get antsy waiting for the proposal. During a day of shopping at the mall, Angelina ventured into a jewelry store with Ryan’s mom and sister-in-law. After she found the perfect ring, Ryan’s mom called him into the store and sent Angelina away. When they later met up at a bookstore, Ryan, who can’t keep a secret, leaned over to Angelina and said, “I bought it.” It may not have been the romantic proposal Angelina was waiting for, but to her it was perfect.

Though eager to get engaged, Angelina and Ryan were not in a huge rush to actually get married. They both had a few things they wanted to accomplish, including buying a home together.

While working toward their goals, they took time to plan the wedding—more than two years—and were able to really enjoy the experience without feeling rushed or frantic. The only truly stressful part of the planning was when Angelina discovered she wasn’t quite as crafty as she had hoped for, making all of her DIY décor a bit more difficult than she’d bargained for.