Bill Pence fell in love with music as a child and it has been a great passion of his life ever since. His God-given gift for music was nurtured at the feet of his father who sang and played guitar. “I learned to sing harmonies with my dad and never missed an opportunity to play along on the piano if I could.”

“The piano was my first musical love and I used to practice three or four hours every day.” “I found out it was a great way to meet girls!” In the summer of 1977 at age 19 Bill Pence sang into a microphone for the very first time. He started singing in college coffee houses where he developed his ability to sing from the heart and connect with his audience.

After completing his college degree in history and education in 1979 Bill traveled across the United States and Europe with The Continental Singers singing in concerts all over the world. After completing the tour Bill spent the next 13 years in full-time ministry in two churches in Northern California.

In 1991 he started The Entertainment Team as a mobile entertainment company. Bill served as President and CEO of what became the largest entertainment company in Northern California. “We eventually had 15 DJ’s, a full Casino Monte Carlo division and the full amusement and interactive game division.” Bill sold the company in July 2009 to launch Bill Pence Music.

After 19 years of running a large company Bill’s desire was to get back to doing what he does best. His true gift is entertaining and performing in front of people. He has a unique ability to connect with an audience and help people have “maximum fun”. “When I perform for people, I go to a place in my soul that I can’t get to any other way and I think people somehow experience that with me”


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